53.7404°N  0.9959°W | Documenting Drax power station

UK government is planning to phase-out coal plants by 2025, although most are expected to halt operations by 2022. There are seven power stations remaining now after Eggborough was closed this winter, with Drax being one of the biggest amongst them. It is situated near a small town Selby in North Yorkshire, which life is centred around the power station and it made me curious what if one day it would be gone?

53.7404°N  0.9959°W is a photobook with photographs taken in Selby and Drax during the winter 2017/2018 mixed with small conversations with locals. 


Exedra Typeface | Marching Together

Marching Together is a visual exploration of modern luxury. With the use of collages and still life photographs it explores a changing perception of modern luxury fashion where the only value sometimes is a hype around it. 



Album cover design in collaboration with Daniel Faltys and Ryan Yao.

We have chosen a 'blue-eyed curiosity' (Pitchfork, June 7 2012) "BABY" by Ariel Pink, originally performed by Donnie & Joe Emerson. Baby is a vey sticky-sweet song with viscous lyrics that has been given a new lease of life and we wanted to give it some luster.


City through a museum space

A publication exploring cities through a different angle. Can museum spaces tell something about a city they are situated in? Photographs were taken in Tate Modern and Design museums in London, 2016.


More projects are coming soon .... Thank you for your patience!